Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For Sale and Valentinesj

Tonight I decided to start our Valentine's project. I call it a project because I'm planning for Jake to write his name on all 24 Valentine's cards for his classmates. Rarely can I get him to write his name without force, but this was of course fun for him. Didn't get them all done tonight but we made progress!

Landry Grace laughing at her brother. She was excited about her Mickey and Minnie Valentines.
Jake's signature! Glad we have another year before his kindergarten debut but VERY proud of him so far.
Working hard on his name....
Before we got started. Love fun memories such as this!
And last but not least, this is all I have left of Landry Grace's summer things that are for sale. Last season I posted them on my blog but this time around people started asking before I got around to posting. Love that! Friends came and bought out her 24 month and smaller clothes. I do have about 6 spring/summer outfits that are 9 months and smaller, but I don't know many baby girls that will need that size for the summer. So if you are interested I'll send you some pictures.
Most of these shoes are size 6. The Sun Sans sandals are $8, all other sandals $3-$5 and Keds are $5. Note: the Keds are a little smaller, I think 4s.


Melody said...

Hudson & I are in them middle of Valentine's Day cards also! We only have 14 to do & I think he is only on #6... Figured we would space them out. Keep me posted this week on news!

Rebecca said...

I would love the red and pink sun sans.

The Tylers said...

Got you down Rebecca

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

That's so sweet that they are doing their valentines together. =) Wish I lived in Ruston - those are some cute shoes!