Monday, February 21, 2011

This and That

Beware this is a longer post as we haven't stopped going all weekend. It takes too long to divide up pictures and post by topic, so I'm combining...get over it;)! I'll start with Friday. Matt and I had a date night and left the kids with Jake's preschool teacher assistant. She is great and they love her. After dinner Matt and I had plans to see a movie but once again were lured to the Friday night auction. We stayed for around 3 hours....I laugh while typing this. We are fuddy duddies but we love it! Never know what you'll find. This time my favorite buy was a $3 Buzz Light Year Jacket. It's at the cleaners and should be good to go by the time it gets cold again. That should be next week. He loves it!

Saturday morning we headed for the soccer fields and watched Jake play his first match. He had a great time for the first 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes he "was done". No more, notta. I'll have to teach him some stamina but for now he is the youngest one out there so we're not pushing toughness.
How can you not love this one?
Talking strategy with Daddy. If you cannot tell, the weather in North La has been fantastic. The temps have been in the high 70's, but winter isn't over yet. Enjoying the spring like temps while they last though!
Saturday night we were invited to Katie Hall's mom's, Kaye Cochran, 60th birthday party in Benton. Our(Katie's and mine) grandfathers played football together at Louisiana Tech in the 40's and were lifelong friends. I didn't get to know Katie until we moved to Ruston (almost)3 years ago. She is such a super person and I love that our children are so close in age. Anyway, our families go way back and it was a fun night!
My mother-in-law plays tennis with Mrs. Kaye so she was there as well. If you can't tell, the theme was western!

Below is Katie's sweet family.
By now you can probably recognize my mom and grandmother. Big turned 85 on Valentine's Day. Happy Birthday to you, Big Mama!
Wish I could have caught this on video. They were having the best time dancing together.

Mrs. Kaye with her birthday cake.
And sister crying because brother got the corner piece and she did not. Screaming I tell ya!
Our plumbing was pretty much out all weekend, so we opted out of church Sunday due to the tubs being out of order and went to Lincoln Parish Park and worshipped there! Jake rode his bike around the "lake" and we stopped along the way to feed the ducks, meet new friends, take a juice break, and to mend scrapes due to falls.....
Mom thought she would inspire me to get back on the fitness band wagon by taking a "booty shot". Inspiration kick started!!!! Really, she did not do it for that. Matt was in Bossier taking care of our taxes. It's an all day process getting everything ready for Mr. Jessie.
Landry Grace is not a fan of fruit. She will eat bananas and raisins and that's about it. Tuesday night she had 3 apple slices from a McDonald's happy meal and I went crazy about all the muscles she was getting. Yesterday she ate 2 more slices of apple so here she is showing off her growing biceps. Whatever it takes!
Today has been a lazy but productive day. I hope you have enjoyed your Monday!


Karla and Edmond Long said...

Suzanne...I LOVE the picture of them dancing!!! I hope my two have that much fun together when they get older!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Those western party pics are too cute! Can't believe it's so warm up there!!

Virginia said...

Sounds like a great weekend! So jealous of the warm weather!