Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Times

I love to read about what everyone else has going on. It's fun to see what is happening with all my blogger friends, but tonight I am not reciprocating. Making this a quicky!!

Last Thursday I took Landry Grace to Mrs. Angie for another haircut. Her hair is very fine and was getting stringy, so we got almost an inch cut off. The picture of sweet Landry Grace is pretty sad, but you get the idea. I tried to take a before/after picture but it didn't work out that way!

Last Friday after school we had a family night and went to Bossier to eat dinner and see a BHS basketball playoff game with 2 of my father in law's good buddies. I used to go to a lot of football playoff games with these 2 men(Leon Darden and Wayne Earp) and my f-i-l when Matt was coaching there. We had the most laughs ever together. Seems strange that I would go with 3 men but nah, they were hilarious and we had a lot of fun. It was like old times when we met up on Friday, even though I forgot to take a group picture. Jake is a crawfish FANATIC and insists on getting them now that they are semi in-season. Needless to say he doesn't catch on to the fact that they are $5.50/lb. Matt bought him 2 pounds and he devoured them easily. This was at dinner before the game.
While Landry Grace will eat them, she prefers to act like they are her personal pet. Whatever floats your boat......
Saturday morning Jake had a soccer game and then that afternoon we took a quick trip to Shreveport for Avery's 3rd birthday. The kids had a ball and I had fun catching up with friends. Matt was umpiring all day in Simsboro at a baseball tournament. We caught dinner with Aunt Lou on the way home and I think she was thrilled to see the babies.
Landry Grace with Avery Claire and Lola and below with brother. They loved this octagon!
Last night Mandy(Brian's girlfriend) came over for dinner at my parent's house with her nephews Conner and Asher(Richard's children...for those of you who know the Anderson's) and of course her son Grant. We loved their company!
Kid's dinner table
Busy week ahead but glad we have good weather!