Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach Vacation

We made it back from Panama City Beach last week. It was a fun trip, really it was, but I've decided I'm done with the beach for at least 2 years. Maybe it's a desire for some cooler temps, not sure. Don't think we've missed a summer at the beach in like 20 years. That sounded let's focus on the positive, shall we?

We arrived on Sunday morning since we'd spent the night in Mobile. Our condo was great as was the resort. PCB has an ordinance that nothing can be left on the beach overnight, so the tent, toys, ice chest, and beach chairs had to be toted in and out daily. Definitely missed having a daddy to do this for us, but Mom and I made do! It did rain one day, so we took advantage of that day to hit up the dollar store, have air brush shirts made, and complete our school supply list. One night I let the kids go to Parent's Night Out at the kids club and they loved it. So glad because I felt guilty the whole time they were there. Mom and I lived it up back in the condo watching the Olympics. They played on the beach and of course loved the pool most. Why is that? We travel 515 miles and they want to stay in the pool! Landry Grace made friends with anyone and everyone at the pool and beach. She does not meet a stranger. And Jake is a little more apprehensive on talking to anyone. Once he warms up, he's fine, but he doesn't like to initiate a conversation. Enjoy the pictures!

First day on the beach. Looking for sand crabs that evening.
Where has time gone?
Ahhh, love this one!
Always goofing off!
sporting the air-brushed shirts!
Big Mama with the kiddos
Loving Jake's "peace" sign
Landry Grace made chocolate chip cookies with Big Mama's help
Jake's dollar store treasures. Need I say more????
Thankful for the sunshine!!
And no beach trip is complete without a round of putt putt golf.
LG was done by hole 3. She just can't concentrate on something for that long. Bless her pre-K teacher's heart!
Possibly one of my favorite pictures yet, and taken with my cell phone.
Last day!
Thank you Mom for accompanying us. It's never easy, but it's still worth it. You are such a wonderful grandmother and I appreciate you so much!


Melody said...

Love all the pics! So glad yall had fun. Hope both kids have a great school year! Love & miss yall.