Friday, July 27, 2012

Cameron and Laura visit

Last night my sister, Laura, and nephew, Cameron, came in from Atlanta. The kids were thrilled to see their cousin and we made the most of his one night with us! They are mainly in Louisiana to visit my grandmother, whose health is declining. It's hard to believe that Cameron will be 14 next month! He has turned into quite the athlete and was showing us all kinds of stunts. I really am so proud of him!

The 3 amigos with Jake sporting Daddy's football helmet from college.
Big Mama walked over(who knew that I'd love small town living and having my parents live 2 streets over!) and Cameron was surprising her with one of our lovely graveyard grasshoppers.
C-man showing off his back tuck.
My sister and the rest of the crew after dinner. We had to make it quick as we took them swimming afterwards.
Cameron doing a full off of the board
Oh she was thrilled that they were swimming after dark!
Jake doing one of his "tricks"
I hate that our visit was so short! Mom and I are headed to Panama City Beach tomorrow for a week with the kids. Matt has to stay behind and save his vacation days for our Disney trip in December. Wish he was going with us, but the memories we make at WDW will be worth his absence on this trip!