Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

The month of July has meant pool time for our family. We have been at the pool at least 3 times a week. Louisiana Tech just built a new pool complex and it includes an indoor and outdoor pool. It opened in April and is just great. The indoor pool has 2 diving boards and a yogurt/sandwich shop is also housed within the new facility. it is very nice and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time there this summer!

LG with her good friend, Sarah Kate, soaking up some rays. At the pool, Jake is normally too busy for pictures. I do let him have a lot more freedom at the pool since he is a pretty strong swimmer.

On another day. The girls discovered these life jackets one day and are convinced they need them. Whatever makes them happy, right?
I think she was tired of pictures by this point!
And another time....picnic with Emma Bear(as I affectionately call her) and Sarah Kate, of course.
Last Friday Matt had just come in from a week long business trip to New Jersey. While his company car got new tires, he had to bring Papaw's truck back to Benton and we then went to the Boardwalk in Bossier to eat and shop for new school shoes.
Sorry, the flash did crazy things to our eyes and I just couldn't fix sweet Jake's left eye.
Tossing pennies and making a wish in the fountain.
When we got home, my mom's friend invited us out to swing on her rope swing and swim in her pond. This was a BLAST! The kids loved every minute!
LG and I hadn't planned on coming, but rode out there to see Jake and Bid Mama. But when she saw what was in store, Landry Grace stripped down to her panties and joined in the festivities. Thought this pictures turned out great.
And last Sunday at the Haddox's, it started raining cats and dogs. The kids decided it would be fun to play in the rain(again Jake was no where to be found when I pulled out my trusty iPhone....). We all have to play in the rain. It's good for the soul!