Monday, July 23, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

And with a couple of weeks left before school starts, I decided to get productive and update my blog for the entire summer. It's a hefty task, but I'll get it done! The first weekend in June was Landry Grace's dance recital. This was her second recital and she loved every minute of it! The theme this year was "The Wizard of Oz" and LG was a groovy chicken from the opening farm scene. Oh it was so cute and we loved watching her perform, along with the rest of the dance company.

Being her sassy self in the above picture and her sweet self in the below picture.
The ending pose of her tap performance. So cute!
Jake had his own bouquet of flowers to hand to Landry Grace. He was so proud!
And with her friend Bella Grace.
We left early the next morning for San Antonio for our summer vacation with GiGi. Pictures and details to follow!