Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week in Review

To sum up our Thanksgiving week:

We hung out in Bossier, took long naps, helped pass out 465 Tyler cajun fried turkeys that Matt cooked, had Thanksgiving Day dinner at my parents with them, my grandmother, brother Darrell and sister in law Stephanie, went back to Bossier, shopped Thursday night with a bunch of CRAZY people, Matt got last minute invite to LSU game so he shopped late then got up super early to head to Baton Rouge, put up Christmas decorations, and now we are waiting for Daddy to come back home. What a fun week we've had! So thankful for blessings of family during this time and always.

Eating ice cream(per Gi Gi) at 10 am while " helping" Daddy with the turkeys.

Napping on Thanksgiving day

Playing with Bailey Jack at Sundown, our favorite eatery in Ruston. It's always fun to see people there, especially those who are in from out of town during holidays.

We ate at the Mohawk in Monroe last night, another favorite. We're always eating, aren't we:/!!!!

And good gracious I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of children! The kiddos were SO excited that Podie made it back from the North Pole this year. Silly elf was reading all of their books this morning:).

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with reasons to be thankful. Thank you Lord for your bountiful blessings upon our family. Have a great weekend!!


Mama Mandy said...

Our elf showed up too! They're popping up everywhere!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

I can't believe y'all cooked so many turkeys!! You just reminded me I need to get in touch with our elf too. =)

Hannah Lee said...

Ellington made his debut as well! Love the thanksgiving pics! Glad yall had a good time! I am so thankful for your friendship :)