Friday, November 18, 2011

Landry Grace's turn

I had to follow up my last post with one about Baby Girl. Landry Grace loves being in the spotlight, just like any 3 year old would. On Thursday she was in her element as her Montessori class sang songs and feasted on Thanksgiving food. She did a great job and loved every minute of us being there!
Singing away.....
With Big D and Big Mama
Our beloved Ms. Cindy
And Ms. April, her teacher
Today we had the day off from school as the local high school football team is playing in Baton Rouge. Due to buses being used and lack of enough substitutes, we got out a day early for Thanksgiving break. Yay!!! When I told mom about having Friday off, she mentioned taking Landry Grace to the Glenwood Village Tearoom in Shreveport(Mom had gotten a coupon off of Groupon so check that out as well) for lunch and tea. Let me just say that Landry Grace LOVED this! Absolutely loved it!! I'd highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do something a little different with your daughter or mom. They strongly suggest having reservations.

With her own princess tea cup and pillow(our waitress was great and played this up a bit)
This is first time I can really tell LG looks a lot like me!
She had her own teapot with Sprite and carefully drank all of it! Love her concentration in this picture. This was such a fun outing.

And since Mandy was working in Shreveport today, she joined us as well.
We are having Jake's birthday party( a few weeks early) Sunday since it's outdoors and we are hoping for warmer weather than the 26 degree weather we had 2 years ago for his and LG's outdoor party! This morning it was 34 degrees...saying some prayers but know it'll be FINE! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!