Friday, November 11, 2011


Today we honor those who have unselfishly given up their time to serve our country. My grandfather, dad, and 2 uncles are also included in this group. Thank you for protecting our freedom. The time, dedication, and sacrifice you make for our country is truly appreciated. God bless our troops!

And how often is it that you celebrate a birthday on 11.11.11? Plus add those numbers together to get my age....pretty cool! My mom posted this picture from my 4th birthday. She had my preschool class over to decorate a birthday cake. Funny we are doing the same kind of party for Landry Grace's 4th in a few weeks. Gotta also love that she sucks the same 2 fingers as I did.
And Happy Birthday to my college roommate and sorority sister, Dani. Have a great weekend!!


Virginia said...

Happy birthday!!! It's freaky how much your childhood pictures resemble mine, though our fathers are twins! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Suzy said...

Happy late birthday!!:)

Hannah Lee said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Suzanne! Good seeing y'all this weekend. And hopefully we can catch up soon-- I can't get over how much Landry and you favor! Have a good week!