Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All About Jake!

This post is all about my (almost) 5 year old; can't believe I just typed that!!! Didn't we bring him home from the hospital last year just before Christmas? He'd spent 8 days in the NICU(those were the longest days of my life) and now we are getting ready to celebrate 5 years.....OK, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Matt and I spent last weekend in Oxford watching the Tech football team beat Ole Miss. True, they may be having a down year, but a win is a WIN! Especially against an SEC opponent. We had a great time as my brother flew in from Denver and his girlfriend, Mandy, was with us all weekend as well.

Jake stayed with my parents on Friday(LG was with GiGi) and they took him to another swim meet. I wish I could say that the picture below was of him discussing strategy with Big D, but he would not swim that day. Needless to say, he is a little young for the competition level at this point. We aren't going to try any more swim meets for a while. He enjoys practice and we'll keep that up in the meantime! I love that my parents and GiGi are so involved(and able to be) with my children. It's not that way for many as distance separates a lot of families from grandparents. We count our blessings daily with the help we receive from them. We couldn't do much without you!

Last night Jake had a belt test in karate. He is truly enjoying this sport and does pretty well for his age.
With his certificate and white belt with black stripe. He is so the car on the way home he could tell me the next three colors of belts and the order they were earned.
And today was Jake's Thanksgiving lunch at school. Originally, Jake had requested his Big Mama and Big D to come. My dad had to back out for a game of golf and I stepped in. Jake was a little disappointed! What can I say?
We have been more than pleased with Jake's pre-K center. He has thrived and made some great friends in the meantime. His teachers have commented on the fact that Jake is a leader in the class and on the playground. We are so proud of him and thank God for loaning him to us:)! So many reasons to be thankful during this season.
Landry Grace's feast is tomorrow. It could be interesting! Loving this age and all the laughter that comes with it. May your Thanksgiving feasts be filled with blessings and chuckles!


Hannah Lee said...

Isn't this such a fun time?! I love all the memories we are making as this holiday season begins. Jake looks too precious in his feather hat!