Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missing my Cousins

Landry Grace got up yesterday morning saying she wanted to go back to the beach. When I asked her why, she replied that she missed her cousins(who were at the beach with her). It reminded me of this picture that I took on my phone of them.

When we were on the way home a couple of nights ago, we were talking about friends. We were actually talking about one of Matt''s best friends. I asked Jake if he had a best friend, not really expecting an answer. Without missing a beat he said, "Yes, Landry Grace." May he always think this way!

I know we all have our battles with getting kids to eat healthy. Jake does that pretty well and has been on this fruit kick lately that I am excited about. He hoops and hollers if I give him watermelon or grapes, among other varieties of fruit. LG on the other hand will only eat a handful of different types of food. She loves mini pancakes, mac and cheese, and goldfish. Oh, and brownies and cookies...go figure. The only fruit she will eat is bananas. Very frustrating! She does drink her weight in milk. Any suggestion out there on food advice??


Lora said...

BC's Momma Conville covered everything with syrup! I given this suggestion to CCJ and she just laughed. HEY IT WORKED!

The Gregorys said...

I am all about hiding the good food in what they love. Sweet potatoes pureed mixed in with Mac and Cheese. They never know. :)

Marylou said...

I always feel good about yogurt if she'll eat that? We do simply Gogurt which has no added sugar, blah, blah but I think it prob still tastes good! Also could try blueberries or something in her pancakes?? I am married to a super picky eater plus the toddler so I can identify!!

Elaine said...

Suzanne, we battled the pickiness with Kelly for 5 years. Once she went to Kindergarten I had school lunches that I could make her eat if she didn't eat my food at home. It worked. So just hang in there until she's a little older and you'll figure out your bargaining tool!