Thursday, July 29, 2010

Final Days

The summer is slowly winding down as this is my last full week of summer without any school related workshops:(. So on an upside to things, I made these cute cookies for a play date earlier this week. We had to cancel it due to rain, but the kids had a blast licking the icing off the cookies. I used Milano cookies, iced them and used Twislers and sour gummy worms cut in half for the straps. For the sand I used graham crackers crumbs. The kids thought these were so cool. Made for a cute idea!
Love Jake's dimples in this picture!
Today we went out to Squire Creek for a Pigskins and Pearls luncheon. Tech's head coach's wife. Kate Dykes, was behind the whole event. It was great! Over 120 ladies attended and it was basically a Football 101 crash course. It was great to see so many Tech supporters and friends. We have season tickets for the kiddos this year so it could make for some interesting football games......
Katie, Shelley, and myself
With some of the football players: Amy Stegall, Katie Hall, Dawn DeForrest, Alice Byrnes, Sharla McCluskey, Lauren Roebuck, Heather Gantt, and me.

Enjoy your weekend!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Those cookies are so creative!

Thanks for the nap help- that does make sense and help a lot actually. We might wait a little longer to go to 1 nap.

Lora said...

LOVE the cookie idea!

Marylou said...

those cookies are so cute! What a great idea!!