Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Vacation

We are back from the beach and had a great time. Jake and Landry Grace are becoming more and more comfortable in the water and loved the pool. On the last day of our trip they stayed on the beach for a total of 3 hours, which is long time for toddlers! They loved playing in the sand with their cousins. The condo we stayed in had 2 bedrooms plus a bunk bed area. LG ended up sleeping on the bottom bunk all week and Jake slept on a blow-up toddler bed in our room. We cooked in the condo every day so that made it nice not fighting the crowds for dinner at night.

It rained all day on Thursday, the day we were supposed to take beach pics, so we rescheduled for Saturday. The traffic was horrid on our way to take pictures in Destin(we opted to meet her at a great beach location) so we were late getting our session started. Hoping we got some good shots! LG hasn't had a potty accident in weeks, but when we were at the edge of the water taking some pictures....well you can imagine what happened next. And it was fine. We were almost done with the session and I had to just laugh it off! The pictures should be ready for viewing in 3 weeks, so we'll see.

In the mean time Matt is having to turn in his company computer(the one I am typing on!) and vehicle(we love the man van as we call it!). He is looking into buying our family a personal computer and he'll just drive Papaw's truck until he gets a car from his new company which should be next week.
A view from my chair of the play area at Waterscape.

Jake's first slide down the pirate ship.
Jake riding the waves with Daddy in the ocean. It didn't last long!
Day 1 at the beach. They didn't stay long and were ready to go to the pool.
They kids loved to the lazy river and we had a family photo op.
Here are Jake and LG with some of their 2nd cousins: Kaleb, Kyleigh, and Lance

Suited up and ready to play!!!
Playing in the sand with cousins and daddies

The babies on our last day at the beach. Wish I'd gotten some of LG in the water. She LOVED the waves. Loved them! They were strong and the red warning flag was up every day of our trip, but she loved me holding her and splashing in the water.

Jake taking a break in the his dump truck

LG was all over the sand! Made for some darling pictures though
Best pic of the trip after I cropped and edited! They were going to ask our chair neighbors for an American flag(you can see them in the ground). They were so proud of themselves.

LG and her sugar kicks. This child would eat junk all day if I'd let her, but what child wouldn't??

On the way home..............and oh so glad to be here!


Karla and Edmond Long said...

I have never heard of this hotel, but will have to check it out!! So glad you had a blast. Your kiddos are just as precious as always!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That place looks so cool! Maybe we'll have to visit next year. Glad y'all had a nice trip

Halls said...

Girl!!! amazing pictures!!! You also have great subjects too!!