Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Orleans

Lots of pictures. Sorry....but I just decided to get these vacation pictures posted! We packed a lot into our New Orleans visit. We spent all day at the Audubon zoo, getting there via the St. Charles street car at 11 and not leaving 'til 5ish. It was H-O-T but not crowded. I was kinda surprised since it was the Fourth of July. The kids loved everything about the zoo, but were less than impressed by the dinosaur exhibit. In fact, they were down right terrified. I got LG to take a nap in the stroller for an hour or so inside a cafe at the zoo, so that bought us some more time. They had a small water park there and we attempted to do that at the end of our visit, but there were too many people and we only stayed there for about 30 minutes. We went back to our hotel on the riverfront and Matt managed to get us a room that overlooked the river. This was great as we got to watch the firework show from our room after we went to dinner in the hotel. It worked out perfect!

The next morning we were out the door around 9 and headed to Cafe du Monde. No trip to New Orleans is complete without a trip for beignets! Both kids loved them. Then we headed to the Aquarium of the Americas and the Children's Museum. The highlight of the day were the sharks at the aquarium and then the Winn Dixie grocery store at the museum. Jake and LG thought it was the coolest thing ever that they were able to shop and then ring up their purchases at the cash register. I was impressed by the grocery store as well.

Matt was nice enough to let me go to the Orient Expressed store while we were there(LOVE) and shop their bin sale. For those of you not familiar, this is a children's clothing company based out of New Orleans. We then went back to the hotel for a late afternoon swim. The kids were running and jumping into the pool. Landry Grace jumped in at one point and turned around quickly, causing her chin to catch the deck of the pool. I immediately pulled her out because I knew it was bad. Sure enough, she had a pretty big gash under her chin. Matt got some alcohol and butterfly band aids to do the trick until we could get to a doctor. This ended our trip. We packed up and left New Orleans about 6pm on July 5th and headed north. Dr. S dirmabonded her chin the next morning.

So this was our summer vacation. We were blessed to be able to take the kids and let them do so much. Now we are focusing on finishing out the summer and getting ready for school. Jake is attending VBS at Trinity this week in the A.M. in then going to art camp at Mrs. Renee's house in the afternoon. I can see some fun activities for Landry Grace and I going on while he's away. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh fun!! Suzanne, you planned an amazing vacation. Have loved all the pics. That is great that y'all took them around New Orleans too... so much to see and do. That is a bummer about Landry Grace's pool injury. Hope she is ok. =) I need a beignet now!!