Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cruise continued!

Our cruise started on Thursday afternoon. We set sail at 4:30, sailed all day Friday, and were in Cozumel, Mexico all day Saturday. Originally, I had wanted to do a submarine excursion with the kids but we opted for a day at the beach. The price that we paid included transportation to the beach, water activities(they had a water trampoline, climbing apparatus, and boats), plus all you could eat and drink for the day. Our excursion began at 9 and we were back at the dock by 2. We had to be back on the boat by 4:30 or you were left. The water was very murky in Cozumel which was a bummer. It worked out good that we were back a little early as we hit the shops very briefly to get Jake a mask and shirt. Then we went back to the boat for a nap.

Jake dancing at the pool during our excursion.
Jake, Daddy, and GiGi at the pool with their daiquiris. This was a plus to the trip:)!
The hammock area. Landry Grace thought this was the greatest thing.
Jake and Daddy relaxing.
Then they decided to take a stroll out in the water. Normally, the water is so pretty and clear. You can see that it was not at all clear when we were there. Matt said it was very difficult pedaling the boat without a partner(Jake couldn't reach the pedals!). I took his word on it!
Landry Grace enjoying some rare beach time. They were not interested in the beach in Cozumel. We hunted sea shells for a bit, but other than that they stayed at the pool.
Just before we left. They loved the strawberry daiquiris!
On the last day of our trip there was a talent show for the kids on the ship. Landry Grace had been talking about this since Day 1 when we found out they had one. She had all her ballerina gear in tow and was ready to break out all her twirls. Jake was ready to dance as well once we found him a mask to wear in Cozumel along with a pair of maracas.

Well, I knew it wasn't a good sign when Jake wouldn't even go and sit with the contestants on the front row. But LG did, she pranced herself up to the front row and was ready for action.
The 2 little girls in front of her both sang songs. They were probably 6 and 8 years old. So then it was Landry Grace's turn. They asked her name and age which she answered on stage. Then they asked her if she was ready to dance. She told them no, that she was going to sing "Rockabye Baby" to which GiGi and I fell out laughing because this came out of nowhere. I just attributed this to the fact that the girls before her sang. So at this point she was frightened and left the stage.

But she came back at the end of the show to perform. ONLY so she could score her medal and certificate. Bless her heart, she would only sway back and forth. Everyone in the crowd(which there were only about 20 but we were on the main stage in the ship) cheered loudly for her but she wouldn't break out her dance moves. Halfway through the Taylor Swift song, she asked me if she could get her medal. We stopped shortly thereafter. I really was just proud of her for getting up on the stage and being brave. She was by far the youngest contestant:).
Getting her medal. They also gave Jake a consolation medal.
The whole gang after the talent show.
The last dinner we had on the ship. They were dressed and ready to go!
What a fun time we had on the cruise! Thank you to GiGi and Aunt Lou for a wonderful time!
We woke up at 7 Monday morning and got off the boat in New Orleans around 9. The rest of the day was spent at the Audubon zoo. Then we enjoyed the fireworks that night from our hotel room. More on that later. Have a great Saturday!


Virginia said...

Wow, loved all the pictures! This marathon trip looks amazing (minus Landry's accident -- you know Jeffrey busted his chin open also). It's so great y'all were able to have such a great time with family!