Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Vacation

We made it back from our vacation around midnight last night. It was a lot of fun, but of course there is no place like home!! Here are some pictures from the beach that I took on my camera. I took a total of 544 pictures so trying to narrow them down was tough:)! I don't like the slide show video from and am not sure how to load one on my Mac. I'm sure there's a way, just haven't figured it out yet. Share some info if you have any!!

We stayed 4 nights at the beach, which in years past has been PLENTY! This year I think we all felt like our time ran out way too soon. Thinking we may try to go longer in the future. My sister, Laura, and her son Cameron flew in from Atlanta. Neither of my brothers were able to make it but Brian's girlfriend, Mandy, and her son Grant came. We stayed at the Phoenix West in Orange Beach and were thoroughly impressed. The lazy river, pool, and water slide were great entertainment in addition to the beach.

Also, we got some big news while we were at the beach. My oldest brother, Darrell, who has never been married, proposed to his girlfriend last week. We are so excited for them!! They are getting married next spring.

Enjoy the pics!

Laura and Mom laying at the beach
LG enjoying a pb and j for lunch
Jake, Cameron, Grant, and Landry Grace
Sweet picture of my dad and Jake. Wish I'd gotten a picture of his white feet. They'd never seen sun!!
The water slide at our condo. LG was able to ride down with another person and took full advantage.
Big Jake sliding down!
We had some really big waves on Day 2 at the beach. I loved their reactions!!
And if we ran through the waves once, we did it a thousand times!! She loved it.
Loving the waves.
Jake and Grant on their skim/boogie boards.
We had a fun trip! I'll post cruise pictures tomorrow.


adrian seney said...

Loved the pictures. Looks like you all had a blast!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Fun fun fun! Can't wait to see cruise pics.