Sunday, January 16, 2011


This picture was taken at Jake's request. We definitely have our challenges with him, but he is also the absolute sweetest and lovable child.

The other night he brought Matt a birthday picture he'd drawn for Papaw. He asked to put the picture in his "yard"(aka cemetery). Of course Matt told him yes. Stories such as this are God's reassurance that we are doing a good job at raising Jake. I fear often of messing up, but God reminds me daily in small doses of "sweetness" from my baby boy.


Lora said...

What a sweet--sweet thing. We grandparents love our sweet grands and take delight that they also love us.

Karla and Edmond Long said... precious! Thank you Jesus for the little reminders, that even though we are not perfect parents, we are on the right track!

Melody said...

Such a sweet boy!!!