Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Whew! We have spent the last 2 weekends in Bossier parish and I am tired. This past weekend we headed over to Shreveport for Sadie and Bennett's birthday party at Jill's Gymnastics. As we were leaving the party, Jake said the party "was awesome". Fun times catching up with our Bossier friends. We miss them dearly and it is fun to see them at parties. I thought by now we might be done traveling to and fro for each others parties, but no. We love to see each other and catch up, even if it's only every couple of months.

Katye chose the Supergirl/boy theme. Cute!
Sadie turns 5!
Sweet Jake having a great time.
Landry Grace gets excited about birthday parties for one reason only: CAKE! Got a quick pic of her before the cupcakes were passed out.
She was totally smitten with 7 month old Ella. She played with her a majority of the party. I thought it was so cute!! I know she would L-O-V-E to be a big sister. LG is the youngest in all that she does right now(dance, school, etc.) but Ella made me realize that my little girl is no longer a baby at all. Landry Grace played and played with her.
Sweet Bennett getting his birthday cake. This time 2 years ago, he was on the ECMO machine at Arkansas Children's' in LR. Now he is a healthy and vibrant baby boy. A walking miracle indeed!
Hailey and Thomas with his new "cheese" face.
The Super Hamby crew: Katye, Sadie, Bennett, and Ben
After the party we headed out to Aunt Lou's to spend the night. We let them play with Lou's change as this might be the closest they ever some to "rolling in the dough"! Matt had a guy's night with his friends in Shreveport and we hung out at Louie's house last night. For lunch today she cooked up a great home cooked meal. I think I'm done eating for a couple of days. Thank you Aunt Lou!!
We got back home around 2 this afternoon and finally opened up Jake's new golf set that he received for Christmas. The balls are foam(semi-good for indoor play) and the ball floats in the air...he loved it! Next we will work at standing on the correct side of the tee.
Looking forward to staying in town next weekend and doing nothing. It's always good to be back home. Getting ready for another work week. So long for now.


Hannah Lee said...

Super Cute! Consider yourself lucky that he just wants to hit the foam balls...I am super jealous!

adrian seney said...

Your babies are precious!! Isn't it strange when you realize your baby really isn't a baby anymore??!!

Ryan said...

It was good to see you and your kiddos this weekend!

Melody said...

Great pics! Hate we missed seeing yall. We have to catch up soon!!!