Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl's Day

Today is MLK day and for teachers such as myself, that means a day off! My dad kept Jake so that Landry Grace and I could take a quick trip to Shreveport for a Beaux et Belles show. It is a children's clothing company out of New Orleans and my current favorite. LG is wearing one of her B and B outfits from the winter in this picture below. The show runs through Thursday(10-2) at Imelda's on Line Ave in the Uptown Shopping center if you are interested. They have some really cute new styles for spring and summer. We ran into one of our friends, Analeigh Turner while we were there. She is just precious! Analeigh's daddy and Landry Grace's daddy have been best friends since elementary school.

We then stopped at another favorite: Jason's Deli. All she was worried about: the ice cream of course.
And last but not least, LG's big girl room is slowly but surely coming together. Her panels and pillows are now complete and I am contemplating on NOT painting it green and keeping her room pink. SUGGESTIONS pretty please. Stay pink. Or paint green.
I had her coming home dress put in a shadow box, so that that will more than likely go above her bed when it is ready.
All in all, I thought it turned out pretty cute.


Sky said...

Keep it pink! Wait until she's older to paint it green - she might not like pink forever - I know I didn't!

Deni said...

I love that you put her coming home dress in a shadow box!! Definitely post pics when that's up. And seriously, is this a question--keep it pink!!!

jessie said...

i like the pink!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

pink, of course!!

Melody said...

I have been waiting on this pic for months now! They turned out so cute. I was thinking you would have to paint it green, but after seeing the pics- I really like the pink! Just precious. Great job!

Halls said...

Love it!!!!! Super cute! I am going to vote green (please don't flame me!! ;) ). With that said, i like the pink too!