Friday, September 17, 2010

Trivial Tragedy

This morning when we woke up Jake went to find his lizard outside. He came back in saying that the lizard was gone and the ants had eaten him. I thought he had let the lizard out of the "bug hotel" but it was true. We had left the little creature outside last night and ants had eaten the lizard down to it's carcass.

To say Jake was upset was an understatement:(. We had kept him all week and he was so excited about taking the lizard to show and tell today. I was probably just as heartbroken as he i found a cricket at school and Big D took it to school in the bug hotel to save the day!!
Then he got bit by a student and kicked as well. Bless his heart, but he's been well taken care of this evening!


Halls said...

poor little guy!! rough day!! Just curious...who caught the lizard?? PLEASE tell me you did! ;)