Sunday, September 19, 2010

La Tech game

Saturday was a pretty busy day but I hit the ground running(literally) with a 10 miler that morning, then a birthday party at 10 followed by a much needed nap. After that we took our time before heading up to the Tech game. This is the first year that we brought the kids and they did OK. Jake had a good time running into his buddies Landon and Kennedy as well as his friends from school. We didn't tailgate due to the time factor. At this age and with 2 kids, you gotta choose where you want to spend your time(because it's limited!) so we just chose the game. They loved seeing the jet fly over the stadium and then the parachuters were a great hit. However, I do think we could have done without the rap music that played on the jumbo tron throughout the game....but that's just me. Unfortunately Tech could not pull out a victory but maybe next week!Landry Grace and Kennedy with her precious pig tails!
Smiling when they aren't arguing;)...Jake with his buddy Landon
The crew semi-together
Representing with our blue and white on!
At the beginning of the game before any melt downs!


Halls said...

these are awesome! but where is your rapping spirit!?! it didn't get you pumped up?!?! "put your hands up!"