Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is HERE!

It has been a pretty uneventful week, so I neglected to post until now. These first pictures are from last Saturday when I thought I would sleep in and so I did not run. Well, LGT decided do something out of the ordinary and woke up at 5:25AM. By the time I got her down with us in bed it was 5:50 and Jake started crying. Now normally he will go back to sleep with us-no problem-but he wasn't accustomed to having Landry in bed with us! So by 6:20 we were in Landry's room playing with a forgotten Christmas present. It was great fun on Saturday morning! The picture doesn't do the dancing justice. They were jammin'!So after the dance session I decided to cook them pancakes with chocolate chips..why NOT add some more caffeine???

Does it LOOK like they enjoyed them!!!???

And last night we had a retirement party for our cafeteria clerk, Mrs. Mary Helen, and had a great crowd. I don't really hang out with the people I work with, so it was nice to see them at the Log Cabin away from school last night! Pictured below are Mrs. Cathie on the left(she teaches 1st grade and I work with the kids in her class), Lisa on the right(She teaches 2nd and 3rd grade special ed) and Kristy(6th grade special ed). It was a fun time!
And below is a picture of the house we are buying! I cannot wait to begin the process of choosing all the new stuff we are going to put in it...and no we aren't going all out. Matt has been getting all kinds of estmates from different people, but I am meeting with Cissy Napper on Monday and I think she is gonna seal the deal for me on the counter tops. I am excited about that. The first thing we are remodeling is the kitchen. We are putting in a new counter top and back splash, faces on the cabinets and changing out the stove. Also putting in new carpet. That is hopefully it for now and will take everything else in small steps. I love the plantation shutters on the house and it just has that Ruston "charm";)!!! I know, I know....
Last day of school tomorrow! Jake starts swim lessons on Monday and I am anxious to see how he does in the water without mama there. Have a great weekend!


Emery Wilkerson said...

LOVED Cissy!! She was fabulous & so much help to us!! All the work she did in our house is great & she has wonderful ideas! Have fun with the house transformation!! It will be fun to see it take its new shape!

Lora said...

OH Cissy-she has walked me through many a remodel and she learns your taste very fast-LOVE HER!

MOST important-RELISH and ENJOY your summer!

Hannah Lee said...

YAY for summer being out! Cissy did a great job for us as well. Very creative and very afordable. She will not overdue anything and will be very honest about what your house needs and does not need. SEE YOU SOON....I HOPE!