Thursday, May 14, 2009


Matt and I are headed to Bossier after school to attend the annual FCA silent auction and drop our babies off with his parents. I then have a half day tomorrow at school before heading down to Lake Charles. I seem to have mistaken the name of the place where we are staying, but I'd be fine at the Best long as I can sleep past 7am:)! The Berg du Lac is where we are headed. They have a great lazy river around the pool. Nice. So we will be there until Sunday. I will miss my babies but am looking forward to visiting with people over the age of 2...have a great weekend!


Lora said...

Hope your weekend is wonderful, but especially restful. All Mothers need a little rest occasionally!

Hannah Lee said...

Enjoy it, sweet girl! You deserve it! Take a lap around the lazy river for me :)