Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and more

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, grandmother, and mother-in-law! I have been so blessed with wonderful role models and can only hope to be the same for my precious little ones. I would love to go more in depth to that topic, but I am in a hurry to get this post over with(so sorry) so that we can play outside when Landry gets up from her nap!

Friday evening Matt had to umpire, so mom and I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pool for the yard. Wish you could have seen us riding home with that big thing hanging out of the back of my was in the middle between the car seats holding the pool in. What we do for our kids! Well, it was worth it! The water was freezing and Landry's poor lips were blue, but she insisted on playing in it for an hour.

Saturday we went to Bossier after my morning run so that Matt could help his aunt clean out her house and we tagged along. That afternoon I took the kids to a birthday party and they did OK despite the fact they hadn't had adequate naps. Landry wasn't into the pool AT ALL, but it was rather chilly and I had to keep an eye on both kids. Hopefully when I can take the time to get in with her and such she will be more open to the experience! Jake was gong ho, but I had to tell him NO a lot due to only 1 adult being there.

This morning we had Baby Dedication at our church. Our move to Ruston caused us to miss the dedication service at our former church in Benton, so we waited until now to dedicate Landry Grace. Whew! We should have done it earlier because the older they get, the harder it is to contain them in front of a congregation:)!. But she did fine and of course looked darling! Both of our families were there and after lunch that lasted a whee bit long, we made it home in time for naps.

Now both kids are up and we are headed outside for another swim! Matt and I are headed to Lake Charles this weekend with some couples from his company and are staying at the Beau Rivage. Sooo looking forward to Friday off and a relaxing weekend! 3 more weeks of school.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

The swimming looks fun! Cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

le berge de lac baby in beau is in mississippi

Jessica Stephenson said...

Just catching up on the blogs...How exciting about the buying and selling of the houses! Also very excited that you we will only be down the road from each other. Let's get together once things settle down for you!

The Tylers said...

Will do Jessica!!!