Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red River Revel

Since Matt had to work in the hayfields today, I asked Mom to go with us to the Red River Revel in Shreveport. It's an arts and music festival and there are always lots of activities for the kids. Today was fun but it was super hot and I decided not to bring the stroller. I was trying to teach Landry Grace a lesson about walking. We had lots of issues at Disney World with her wanting to be carried everywhere....that's another story for another day! She did OK but it was still hot(did I already mention that?).

They loved the Brookshire's grocery store where they got to shop for things on their list and then check out with a "cashier". Both of them did pretty good trying to locate the items. LG was pretty serious when it came to checking out her groceries. Man, I'm going to miss these days!

Jake loved the sand art. This was a great activity!
And if I never ever ever get another good picture again, this one will be worth it. They were headed to another activity when Jake took her hand to explain what they were going to do. Moments like this don't happen often. What a great reminder of God's unconditional love for us through the actions of my children.
And you can't go to the Revel without a big ol' turkey leg(said with my most southern drawl). We were all about the food but good gosh it was pricey! Oh..and you can't forget Miss Priss in the background sucking those fingers! So hoping I can come up with a strategy to make her quit soon. :(
After this we rode the ferris wheel and headed home. On the way to the car we passed SciPort(a children's science and experiment museum) and they had some activities set out. I looked over at one point and Jake was in total concentration mode. He has always loved some pipe cleaners. The ideas are endless!
Happy Saturday!