Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Weekend

What a great weekend it was! We started out Friday by having Matt's co-workers and their families over for dinner. He works with 2 really sweet partners. One of them has a 2 year old, Parker,whom LG had fun with. She thought it was the greatest thing feeding him. Other than this picture, we just enjoyed each other's company and had a good time watching the kids wear themselves out. Wish I could say mine slept late on Saturday...but that didn't happen!

Saturday morning we headed out to vote. Since our precinct is close to our house, it made sense to hop in the tractor and go. Later that day we joined our friend Bailey Jack at Lincoln Parish Park to play at the new Legacy Park playground. Bailey Jack is a 3 year old who has Downs Syndrome. His (awesome) mom, Jana, has worked for 2+ years on getting the funds together ($350, 000) to open a playground where children with special needs can join their peers and play together. The soft opening was Saturday afternoon and to say the park is fantastic is an understatement. I personally am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community who worked together to make this park a reality. Hate that I didn't bring my camera to the event. Saturday night we got together with our Sunday school class for dinner while the kiddos hung out at the church. I don't like being the one lugging around a big camera, so I opted to once again leave it at home:).
Sunday afternoon we headed over to Lander's house for his 5th birthday party. Everyone/thing was decked out in camo.

Below is Landry Grace with Bailey Jack. She absolutely loves him, but BJ is not so sure of LG! I had to talk with her after the party about not being so rough with him. Her response, " But Mom, everyone LOVES Bailey Jack! and he ONLY loves me!" What could I say, short of laughing? I pray she always has such a loving heart for everyone.
Jake and the birthday boy
Peyton, Jake, Lander, and Talan
Monday night I headed to Natchitoches with some co-workers for a night of fun and a workshop the next day. How often I forget what a neat place it is. Hannah, promise I'll call you next time:)! We had a lot of fun and got some great information on autism spectrum disorders.
Last, but NOT least, is the LION KING! I got this e-mail from Disney yesterday and wanted to pass it along. I've seen this show twice and it is hands down my favorite Broadway production. Not all of the info is included, so here is the rest. The show is running from March 14-April 15. You can go to Ticketmaster for the tickets. I'm thinking we are definitely doing this since our spring break falls during the month of April. Wanted to share in case you are interested!
And Meryl, here is the link to Disney's Photopass:)!


Hannah Lee said...

You better! Love all the pictures! I think we are going to have to plan a trip to New Orleans this spring...I have never seen the show but I have heard its amazing!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Ooh, thank you! We won't be going to Disney for several more years, I suspect, but at least when we go, I'll be prepared!! The Landry Grace quote is priceless. She is a little angel.