Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Happens When....

....Jake wants to wear his Christmas PJ's and I, as a horrible mother, have neglected to buy him any? Well, you improvise and put "Frosty" on his t-shirt. Problem solved! He thought he was the coolest thing and insisted on taking not one picture, but several pictures.

With sissy in front of the tree....(um yes, they are both wearing last year's Christmas PJ's which are a tad small/short!...I'm over the Christmas PJ's but after last night's request I'll give in!)
With Podie as we found him this morning, reading books!
And last with a reindeer that LG had caught at the Christmas parade.
Jake is definitely a sweetheart and hugger at this stage in his life. He is also a tantalizer to his sister and a knock-down-drag-out BOY in every since of the word. BUT, he has such a gentle heart and is so thoughtful. I love him to pieces!