Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10

Here is our Top 10 list from 2010:

10. Celebrated birthdays #3 and #4 at Great Wolf Lodge.

9. Both kids started Montessori and are thoroughly enjoying it, as are we!

8. Swimming lessons were a success!!

7. Trips to Vegas, the beach, and NYC were a lot of fun.

6. Matt ran his first half marathon and plans to do another! I completed my third marathon with a personal best time.

5. Done with diapers and cribs at our house!

4. Landry Grace started ballet and Jake started gymnastics. He'll play t-ball in the spring and asks everyday if it's time play.

3. Matt was laid off in June and hired 2 days later by another company. God's glory saw is through!

2. Had fun play dates with friends.

1. Lost Matt's daddy but know that through his faith and ours that we will one day be reunited.

Hope you have a great New Years!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh, a top 10 is such a great post. It's nice to reflect on everything. About the uploading pics with your new Rebel ... we have that same camera & have that same problem with not being to upload pics to blogger. If it keeps crashing, I will resize the pictures (to large) & I can upload 5 at a time with no issue. Hope that helps!