Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I apologize in advance for my random post. We've had several things going on lately and I'm just going to wrap everything into one post. First of all, CAN IT GET ANY HOTTER? It reached 103 yesterday! It's just about too hot to swim...not really but dang it's warm out there.

The first couple of pictures are from Landry Grace's room. The first pic is with her crib in it and then of course the next pics are with her new bed. We originally had planned on getting the bed that matched her chest and hutch, but after pricing those beds I felt we could get a better deal elsewhere. At a play date several weeks ago, a friend was telling me she got her daughter's bed at Sam's Club. I was so impressed by the look of the bed that we went to check it out ourselves. Worked much so that when Matt went back to get it on Saturday it was on sale for $50 cheaper than originally. I think it looks great!

The "after" shot
Still don't know if I want to put the bed in between the windows as the panels won't fall as pretty after they are installed, but we'll see. Pottery Barn was out of shams that matched her bedding so I am having some pillows made to go with it.
This the fabric that I found in Dallas. Fell in love and going to have panels made on each window...downfall is we are going to have to paint LG's room. Pink panels in a pink room would be a little much. Thinking of a celery green color.
Last week we were headed out for a swim play date and Matt found a baby turtle. I found it pretty funny that LG, as dainty as she is, went straight for it and carried it around while Jake screamed. He eventually held it himself. They refused to leave without the turtle so we just took him with us to the play date.
After a couple of kids' meals from Wendy's, the kids(with Caroline and Ava James) were singing "Jesus Loves Me" American Idol style for us. Thanks for having us Holly!
Yesterday we went over to Bossier because GiGi wanted to keep the kids for a night. Uncle Mark was bailing hay out in the country when we got there and the kids thought it would be great to ride with him. Didn't last long but made for a cute picture.
And last but not least, our SLOW MAN!! We live on a very busy street and I got this little man several months ago. Sadly, it was taken from our yard one night 2 weeks ago. On Monday I had a teacher workshop to attend and a teacher came up to me and told me that our slow man was at her church. Some youth had taken it as a prank and it was in her friend's office. I was thrilled that it had been found and so were the kids!
The end. We'll be back soon!


jessie said...

i didn't know sams had such things! i'll be plugging that into the back of brain for future reference!

The Gregorys said...

I love all of the pics! Where did you find the slow man? I need one for my street.

The Tylers said...

I got it from One Step Ahead magazine or just online and order it from there!

Jessica Stephenson said...

I love Landry's room. LOVE the pink material. I need more pink in my house- it is being taken over with blue!!

Heather Yates said...

Suzzan the bed looks great! Im so glad that we happened to talk before yall bought something. It matches perfecty!