Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Things!

Well school is back in session so my blogging is falling a bit behind. I'll catch you up briefly as I am ready to rest a little this evening. Last Friday we headed to Shreveport for Witten's birthday at Kid City. The kids had fun and it was a neat place that we hadn't been to before. Below is Landry Grace with her pal Avery Claire. The kids then spent the weekend with GiGi in Bossier and had a blast at the spray park on Brownlee Rd among other things. We are fortunate that GiGi loves having them and we got a lot accomplished around the house.

Saturday night we went to the Bistro and had dinner with the Sextons. I would rather have not posted this picture but Jenn is a devout blog reader and I had to document her;).
Jake has been doing well in gymnastics and seems to enjoy it for the most part. The class doesn't start until 6:30 which is a bit late and lasts for an hour, but he made it through last night with a little coaxing.
LG was dead set on participating by the end of the class and she won. I let her do circle time. Next week she might be staying at home:(. She just wants to be like her brother. Kelly Caston joined in as well to help even out the playing field a little.
And the main reason for this post was this! A friend of mine has a cousin who makes these cute hair accessories and they came in the mail last Friday. These are clips but I also bought the bows so that you can attach them. She all set for ballet and football season at Tech. She can do any color combo you wish.
Her website is The Haute Hatter and she does custom party hats, tiaras, and hair accessories. Have fun with it!
Both kids have their phase in day tomorrow morning at Montessori. Not sure if they are aware but I am excited and nervous. I am praying we don't have the adjustment problems like we did last year with LG. Will have pictures from that soon! They start their full days on Thursday.


jessie said...

i grew up with the haute hatter! she's a little older than me but our parents are good friends! small world! hope all goes well with school tmrw!

Lora said...

LG is going to LOVE WMS!