Friday, December 9, 2011

'Tis the Season!

For BIRTHDAYS! Our family celebrated the first of three during the month of December on Wednesday when Daddy turned 35. Jake and Landry Grace had fun picking out a snowman cake at Wal-Mart and singing him the birthday song. I may not say it often enough, but Matt is such a wonderful daddy. His babies adore him and so do I.

And Thursday, LG took Mickey Mouse cookies to school in honor of her 4th birthday, which is actually tomorrow, December 10th. She was so excited to see these cookies when she woke up that morning.
Thanks to Pinterest, I made these!
And what's Christmas without your hometown Christmas parade? We celebrated with friends last night and had lots of fun catching candy and other goodies. I love love love my babies at this age. They are loving Christmas together and feed off each other's energy!
The crew before we headed out to catch the parade.
Holly, Katie, and me
And we were doing fantastic until LG caught a glimpse of Frosty during the parade. He was in a costume and walked right past her. God love her.....!
Family photo op. Needless to say we don't pass many of these up. Thankful that we do lots as a family.
And today we took professional family pictures. Funny story: I ordered Jake a sweater off the Internet TWO weeks ago and it was supposed to get here today. No sweat, it'll get here. Well, it did not get here. At 2:00 I was at school needing to get some errands run afterwards for our 3:30 photo shoot...and there there was NO sweater. My wonderful co-worker Sharon said she'd look around town for Jake something to wear(thank God for great friends). She tried a couple of places and found this sweater at Goodwill. It worked out perfect! The weather was a little cool but LG was a trooper in her short sleeves. Can't wait to see them!
And since she did so great, we let her open up her birthday present early:). If your little girl or boy loves dressing up, check out Little Dress Up Shop. These costumes are great because they don't itch. Wish I'd ordered the larger size as they are a little small. But it's not stopping her!
Tomorrow we will be celebrating with a PARTY! And since Landry Grace seems to be the life of the party, I know she will love soaking up the attention. I love my sweet little girl.


Deni said...

Your kids are so so so cute!

Halls said...

cookies turned out so cute!!! looking forward to the party today!