Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another First

What a great day! Both children went to school and came home ready to go back. Is it terrible that I wasn't emotional? Jake was so excited about this morning and I was just happy for him.

This might be my favorite picture yet. Loving the dimples!
Showing off his back pack. He chose to eat in the cafeteria today so we left the Batman lunchbox at home.
Being silly with Landry Grace
Thursdays are my days off from running, but I woke up early to make cinnamon rolls. They were a hit. Notice that Jake still has on his backpack from pictures. He was so proud of it.
Landry Grace quickly connected with friends Katherine Worthey and Camille Smith. I left her and headed to the Pre-K center.
Jake was doing great until he wasn't watching where he was going on the sidewalk and ran right into a pole:(. I think it bruised his ego more than anything else. After a minute of TLC he was ready to go in.

Walking down the hall with Daddy.
Jake has 2 teachers in his classroom: Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Cooper(plus 2 aides). I know both of them and am excited as they will be a perfect fit for Jake!
Only boys went to school today at the pre-K center and only girls will go tomorrow. Jake is already excited about going back on Monday. This does my heart good:). There have been many tears in the past during drop offs and so forth. I am glad that he is independent and ready for a fun year. It may hit me soon how fast these past 4 1/2 years have gone, but right now I am thankful for too much to be sad. So proud of my sweet Jake!


Tara Smith said...

LOVE Mrs. Brown..she was A's teacher last year!

Hannah Lee said...

YAY FOR NO TEARS! It does your heart so good to see they are happy and they enjoy going to school! He is just too precious!

Virginia said...

Ahh, too cute! So great that they are excited to go back to school!

Melody said...

LOVE the pics of Jake! He is such a big boy. So very glad he likes it! That makes a world of difference for Mom.