Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Dance Recital

What a fun week it's been. We've been busy with swim lessons this past week plus dance recital practices. Last night Landry Grace made her dance recital debut and had a blast! All year she had not been thrilled about dance at all. She cried before most classes and my mom(who took her to class all year) was really good about talking her through the tears. After this week and her dance on the big stage, she is ready for next year. She definitely soaked up all the attention and I am just glad that she had F-U-N.

I laughed with one of the mom's in LG's class as we were definitely rookies this year. People take this recital pretty seriously. Landry Grace didn't know much of what was going on and was just happy about the snacks in her bag for backstage. I do have the video of the dance from dress rehearsal night and might post it later. It's a little long and I'm well aware that if it's not your child, it might not be that interesting. With that said, their Hawaiian rock dance was precious. It was a hula dance and so cute for their age group. Enjoy the pictures.

Backstage with Charleigh and Parker
This picture isn't the clearest, but you can tell she is having so much fun!
Dancing a jig during the Hawaiian Rock performance.
Again with a little tongue action. She was concentrating hard.

And after her performance we presented her with flowers. She was so sweet!
And I have to brag on Jake. He was pretty excited about seeing his little sister on stage and did great during the entire performance. This picture was taken at 9PM and he was hungry. Didn't want you to think he suffered all night long :).
With Big Mama and Big D
With GiGi
And last but not least, with good friend Bella Grace.
Have a great week!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Landry Grace is the cutest thing ever. It looks like she had so much fun dancing. Love their little hula costumes. So so cute!

adrian seney said...

I spotted her on stage and she was precious!! So glad she had fun!

Karla and Edmond Long said...

So so sweet!!!

Deni said...

That is tooo cute! Love the hula outfits and how happy LG looks!

jessie said...

looks like lg had a blast! i plan to start o in dancing as soon as possible so you'll have to clue me in to the way things are done!

Melody said...

I LOVE these precious pics! She looked like she was having a blast.