Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was spent in Bossier with Matt's family. It was fast but nice to hang out with family and friends. I ran in a 10 mile trail run Saturday morning instead of a doing my usual long run and to say it was muddy was an understatement! It was like running through lakes. Never again, but I did get a run in...the hard way!!
Saturday afternoon we decided it was just too cold to do pictures outdoors with Matt's dad and the babies. It was 35 degrees and though that may be warm to some of you northerners(!!!) we decided against it. We used Bill Jones; he lives in Benton and was great to work with. He accommodated us and I am pretty sure we got some great shots! It makes a huge difference with the kids depending on what type of picture you are trying to get. When we did 2 and 3 year pictures last Wednesday with Kevin Beasley, they were NOT very enthused! If you want to go to his website(, click on clients and then find our name. The password is tyler. There are about 3 shots I like...which is about right considering their age I suppose!

Right before we went in for pictures
The babies with GiGi and Papaw

Then we headed off to a birthday party for Sadie and Bennett Hamby. If you remember from last year, Bennett is the baby who had to be air lifted from the WKS NICU in Shreveport to Arkansas Children's and was on the ECMO for a while. He arrived there in critical condition but is perfectly healthy today. A blessing indeed.
It was fun seeing everyone in person and not through e-mails and phone calls. Had a good time but was exhausted by nights end.

Me, Carrie, Tracey, Julie, Hailey, and Melody
Bennett and his MAMA Katye
Love the cake and his little theme!! Perfect.
My parents normally keep LGT on Wednesdays but both were sick today so I was able to stay home with her and have a little girl's day. It was fun! Our babysitter that comes twice a week is going to be doing her student teaching in the spring, so we are currently looking for someone to stay with Landry Grace. Hoping to find someone 3 days a week so that mom and dad can have their Wednesdays back!
Please continue praying for my father-in-law, Ralph Tyler. They are going to begin aggressive chemotherapy soon. Have a great rest of the week.


Halls said...

loved looking at the pictures!!! I have a couple of favs! ;)
hope you are doing well...miss you!