Thursday, June 4, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, I just got done packing for Las Vegas and am about to go to bed. Matt's national sales meeting is all next week and we are cashing in some frequent flyer miles and found a great deal at Caesar's Palace so we are going out there for the weekend. I am coming back Monday night but Matt will be in Vegas until next Friday. Then we close on the house we are selling and buying the following Monday(June 15th).
I am looking forward to visiting Las Vegas again. The first time I went was August of '06 when I was pregnant with Jake. Maybe it was the pregnancy or the heat, but I didn't have a very good time. Hopefully it will be better this go round! We are landing in Vegas shortly after noon tomorrow and will pick up our rental car and head to the Hoover Dam. After that, we really don't have a lot of plans. The Bodies exhibit is there and I definitely want to do that. Matt doesn't really care about seeing it, and I would think that a someone with a biology degree would have SOME interest in it, but I don't mind doing that solo! Mainly I just plan on lounging by the pool while Matt takes some interest in the poker room:)
Below is a picture of our first visit to Vegas...HAAA how our lives have changes over the past three years!

Jake is with Matt's parents and Landry is with mine. The pictures below are from yesterday. My parents seem to have an abundance of turtles in their yard this summer! Jake LOVES trying to get the turtles to come out of their shell. He tries to whisper and coerce them, and was pretty successful yesterday!

Be back Monday..................I sure will miss my babies!


Halls said...

You are such an adorable preggo mama!! Have fun in Vegas...i know you will!

Lora said...

I have heard wonderful things about "The Body"! MATT WILL BE SO SORRY if he doesn't go! Enjoy your weekend!

Ryan said...

That last picture is precious! Jake looks so cute talking to the turtle! I love it!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Body World is amazing- go!!!!