Sunday, February 26, 2012


At the beginning of January, Landry Grace expressed some interest in playing soccer. We thought we were going to skip this season, but instead we have both kids playing. And since they are so close in age, it's very convenient for us that they are on the same team. Originally, Landry was just excited about the sport since she saw her brother gets snacks after every game last year. So naturally, she just wanted to play for the snacks. Silly girl!

But yesterday she proved us wrong. Landry Grace is aggressive and this we've known. She came out of the womb having to defend herself from big brother. I loved how she got in there and wasn't scared of the boys:). Granted, there were times when she just stood out there, but that's expected. Overall she had a great time.

And Jake, well, he's come full circle and what a difference a year makes! Last year he wasn't that into soccer and got tired easily(normal for a 4 year old). Yesterday he scored 2 goals and was big into keeping score of the game. He was pretty excited that his team won 3-2 against the Barracudas. He is all heart, just like his Daddy! Not the best, but played hard. Matt was pretty into the game as well and coached from the sidelines. It's fun to see the kids evolve into sport lovers. I love the life lessons, camaraderie, team work, and work ethic that comes from sports. I know they are young, but the learning has already begun and it's important to us for the kids to learn all of these lessons early on.

Jake took a bad spill but got right back up and kept playing.

Landry Grace was non-stop about the game until GiGi mentioned she brought brownies. Need I say more?
Jake had just stopped the ball. I love how he was looking at Matt for approval, sweet moment.
LG right in there with the boys, bow and all!
Goalie Landry Grace after a stop. Not sure what Matt was telling her but he looked intense:).
We've lucked out on coaches for soccer. We have another good one! Team huddle.
I love this one! No words needed.
Jake and buddy Landon running for the ball
This was after Jake's second goal. He was so excited!
Keeping score.
Fun day!


Halls said...

awesome pics!!!! that was so much fun...i wish we could play each other every time!

Deni said...

Loving LG's bow! They are both so cute!!! I love brownies too, that girl is smart! :)

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

That is too cool that they get to play together. And how cute is that team huddle pic? So sweet. =)

Hannah Lee said...

Love the pictures of soccer! Your kids are super tough and super cute :)