Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa comes to GiGi's!

We had Christmas at GiGi's in Bossier last night. The kids always have fun with their cousins, Kyleigh and Kaleb. We now have a new cousin by marriage as well this year, Emma. She is the same age as Landry Grace. GiGi surprised the kids by having Santa stop by and give each child a gift. I thought LG would be scared, but she warmed up rather quickly to him! Merry Christmas!

Landry Grace, Kyleigh, and Emma playing Dora the Explorer
Landry Grace playing with Emma
All the cousins together
Santa arrives........
My picture with all the cousins came out blurry, so I was left with this one. Last night LG asked for a stroller and she'd gotten one from my mom earlier in the day....who knows what she wants:)! Jake is still asking for a robot.
Family pic
And then with their beloved GiGi!
Merry Christmas!