Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trip!

As moms we don't get away often enough, but tonight Katie and I are embarking upon our first Kelly's Kids warehouse sale in Natchez. Thinking this might be a "one time" thing as I've heard it is chaotic. I'll let you know!!
And NO we are not camping out. We just didn't want to get up at 4:45am to head there. The sale starts at 9am tomorrow and rumor has it people camp out for this. Hoping the weather will deter some people!


Michelle said...

Hi Suzanne this is Michelle Cheney from Parkway! How are you. I am a blogger too and Ginny Nolen is always teasing me about not being on facebook. She told me to check out your blog. Your kids are so big and oh so darling!!!! Where are you teaching now? We miss you. My baby girl is in the 9th grade and ran Cross Country this year. She was one of the State runners and had a great year. I tell her about you all the time. Visit me over at
I am a GiGi too!
I posted a comment earlier but I think I erased it - so if you get two i apologize. Come see us sometime at the new school. I love looking at all your pics. Take care.