Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Pictures

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today. I started out early on Saturday as we wanted to get the run over with. I ran with Sarah Grigsby and Kennedy Coates and am thankful for their dedication! We wanted to try and run faster on this run than our last long run and were successful. We averaged 8:20 per mile for 15 and I was pleased with that. At the end I was absolutely exhausted and came home for an ice bath. I haven't done this since I was a runner at Auburn and forgot how cold they are........but felt great afterwards.

Jake and Landry thought this was the neatest thing. Jake kept throwing his sippy cup in the water while I pleaded with him to stop. I am such a wimp:)

We then made it to the Tech pep rally where Jake sored 2 balls! He was nice enough to share one with Landry...for a while anyway.

Then he decided to keep both of them. Oh the sharing wars we will have to tell!!
He loved eating you can see.
Not long after lunch he was out as we headed home for naps.
I thought this was a cute picture of them drinking their bottles before bed.

We were goofing off after church this afternoon and Landry was loving the attention from her brother!
She thinks he is the best!
All done! Have a great week!!!!


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